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  • 21Nov

    David Rubin speaks out in the aftermath of the great Trump victory. What does it means for Israel and the Jewish people?

    (Fox Business) 
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  • 18Oct

    The Peres legacy: What can we learn from it?

    (The Jerusalem Post) 
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  • 30Aug

    Watch David on Fox Business Network discussing why friends of Israel should vote Trump

    (Fox Business) 
    Stay tuned, as well, for the second segment, when he weighs in on the difficult issue of religious rights vs. Islamic [...]  Read More →
  • 16Aug

    The Chris Salcedo Show

    (The Blaze Radio Network) 
    The Islamic Tsunami with David Rubin  Read More →
  • 23Jun

    Sunday Night Live w/Bill Cunningham

    (Bill Cunningham) 
    Bill chats with David Rubin (former mayor of Shiloh, Israel).  Read More →
  • 11May

    Israel Celebrates a Birthday as Terrorists Continue Their Assault

    David Rubin discusses tension in Israel on Crosstalk.  Read More →

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