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  • 18Mar

    Watch David Rubin Analyzing the Israeli Elections On Fox Business Channel!

    (Fox Business) 
    Former Mayor of Shiloh David Rubin describes the atmosphere in Israel and his outlook for the election.  Read More →
  • 17Mar

    The apparent Obama interference in the campaign against Netanyahu backfires!

    (Israel National News) 
      Read More →
  • 19Feb

    Watch David Rubin on Newsmax!

    Watch David Rubin live on Newsmax, as he analyzes the Iranian nuclear threat, the upcoming Netanyahu Congress speech, and the [...]  Read More →
  • 07Feb

    Watch David Rubin on Newsmax!

    Watch David respond to the Hamas kidnapping and murder of three teenage boys in Israel. What actually happened and what are [...]  Read More →
  • 02Feb

    On Fox News: Obama’s Policies Hostile Toward Israel

    (Fox News) 
    Author David Rubin discusses how the candidates’ views on Israel will impact the American election.  Read More →
  • 01Feb

    The Mike Huckabee Radio Show

    (The Mike Huckabee Radio Show) 
    Hear David with Governor Huckabee, talking about his new book, Peace For Peace, as they reflect on President Obama’s trip to [...]  Read More →

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