Warning The Enemy Kills Our Soldiers

Is the Israeli army moral or suicidal? Does the policy of warning civilians before an attack hurt or harm Israel?

Warning The Enemy Kills Our Soldiers2020-04-13T04:52:22+00:00

Middle East Advice for America

The crisis in Iraq has perplexed policy-makers on both sides of the aisle in the U.S. Congress, with the debates often crossing party lines. What can be done to stem the ISIS surge?

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Bibi, Take off The Gloves!

How should the leader of Israel respond to Islamic terrorists who have kidnapped three Israeli teenage boys?

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“You Stole Palestine!”

The ridiculous charge that Israel stole some fictional country called Palestine from some fictional people called the Palestinians requires a very simple response. In his latest blog, David Rubin responds to the false accusers.

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Confronting The Apartheid Canard

US Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest comments seemed to give credence to the unfair charge that Israel is an apartheid state. David Rubin says it’s time to confront that false charge head-on – especially in light of the increasing prospects for Israeli sovereignty in its biblical heartland.

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