God, Israel and Shiloh : Returning to the Land

Read about Israel’s difficult process of return to its Biblical Homeland!

Travel with the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt to glory in Shiloh and Jerusalem!

Follow Israel’s road from exile to freedom and independence!

Experience the struggle to turn pain and trauma into healing and hope for the future!

Read about a true peace plan for the Land of Israel and the world!

“God, Israel, and Shiloh” is a true story which describes Israel ‘s difficult, yet miraculous process of return to its Biblical heartland, despite all of the barriers in its path. The story is told through the eyes of David Rubin, as one who grew up in Brooklyn as a sometimes atheist, returning as a young adult to his Jewish roots, and eventually moving to Shiloh, which was the first capital of ancient Israel, and is now on the front lines of the struggle for the Land of Israel and the war on terrorism.

This is an historical/ Biblical story of Israel’s up and down relationship with God, from the Exodus from Egypt to the present and future, all in the context of the eternal covenant between God and His people through the centuries.
We explore Israel ‘s return to its heartland from a human perspective, with a special focus on Shiloh from the inside. David tells the full story of his family’s horrifying and painful, yet miraculous and inspiring experience with terrorism and how it led to the establishment of the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund. He examines the illogical peace plans hatched up by the politicians of Israel and the world, as well as the most recent traumatic and miraculous events in Israel.

The book also addresses the significance of Israel ‘s internal spiritual struggle, the global Islamic threat to world peace and freedom, and the growing role of evangelical Christian supporters on behalf of Israel’s heartland. All of these issues are discussed openly and honestly, with a passion for truth rarely exhibited in the plethora of books about Israel or the Middle East.

Excerpts from the Book

Hence, on Mount Sinai, the Children of Israel, who had officially become a nation at the Exodus from Egypt, were now given their raison d’etre, their reason for existence, and their Holy Book to guide them. The nation of Israel was not meant to be “a nation like all the other nations”, but a nation with a specific purpose, a position of spiritual responsibility and leadership.”

“In reality, there are no such places as the West Bank or the Occupied Territories. Any child in Israel or elsewhere who has opened a Bible knows that there are no such places, but that there is a region called Samaria, to the north of Jerusalem, and another called Judea, to the south of Jerusalem. The roots of Israel clearly rest in these hills and valleys that are dotted with almond and fig trees. Nonetheless, there are those who prefer not to blind their eyes with facts.”

“The terrorism on the roads increased drastically after the failed Camp David Summit in the year 2000. Since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, every sign of Israeli weakness had brought on a noticeable increase in terror attacks. The media focused on the terrible bus bombings in the cities, but the residents of the Israeli heartland, known in the media only as “the settlers”, were on the receiving end of the terrorists’ bullets. The terrorists, using their Kalashnikov assault rifles, launched daily shooting attacks on the residents of the heartland communities, but much of the media ignored the trauma of the rapidly increasing number of terror victims in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. By 2001, every commute to work or school had become a perilous adventure for the mothers, fathers, and children of the heartland.”

“At that point, I remembered that I had my toddler sitting in back of me in the baby seat and I frantically turned to him and asked him, “Ruby, are you okay?” He just stared straight ahead. His eyes were wide open. His mouth was wide open. He looked like he was trying to cry, but no sounds were coming out. I didn’t see any blood, so I assumed that he was just in shock. I quickly tried to start the ignition, but with no success, shifting gears from drive to park to neutral and back again, and the terrorists were still shooting!”

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