The Islamic Tsunami : Israel and America in the Age of Obama

Upon taking office, President Barack Obama pledged to change the dynamics of America’s adversarial relationship with the Islamic world. Just seven years earlier, the terrorist attacks on September 11 had shattered the American sense of security like never before, severely impairing the optimism of a proud nation.

America’s leadership was unprepared to respond to terrorism of such devastating proportions. The shockwaves that reverberated across the nation diverted the American public’s attention away from its government’s inconsistent, morally ambiguous strategy. With no hesitation, the Islamic world asserted that American support for Israel was in fact the cause of horrible acts of terrorism. What is the origin of this glaring confusion? Could Israel truly be the cause of Islamic terrorism?

In The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama, author David Rubin uncovers the mask of Islam: a dangerous, violent ideology that strives for world domination through terrorism and through what Rubin calls “non-violent aggression.” Rubin reveals why Islamists choose terror over peace and explores Israel and America’s vital roles in combating the rampant spread of Islam.

This groundbreaking book explains why the rise of Obama has been so unsettling for the U.S. – Israel relationship. Examining the constantly evolving and often uneasy relationship between Christians and Jews with an eye on the future, The Islamic Tsunami merges history with current events to create astute analysis of the historically troubled trichotomy between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. With America’s Founding Fathers and the ancient but relevant biblical sources, David Rubin delivers a powerful and lucid battle plan for confronting the Islamic threat to our civilization; a bold strategy that will halt the Islamic tsunami once and for all.

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