How did an Israeli Hero Become a Tragic Figure?

David discusses the complicated and confusing Ariel Sharon legacy, as well as John Kerry’s “peace process” with radio host Vic Eliason and VCY America’s callers.

How did an Israeli Hero Become a Tragic Figure?2020-04-13T05:16:36+00:00

America Abandons Israel

It’s sad, but true. Obama’s pledge not to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons has proven to be another BHO falsehood. Hear David Rubin’s analysis of the Appeasement Deal With Iran on the nationally-syndicated Crosstalk Radio Show!

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Netanyahu’s Warning : Don’t Be Fooled

David Rubin joins host Jim Schneider and callers for a lively hour discussing the ongoing Iranian nuclear threat in light of the unexpected Obama-Rouhani phone conversation. If Obama thinks that peace is possible with this new Iranian president, why does Rubin call Rouhani “an Islamic wolf in sheep’s clothing”?

Netanyahu’s Warning : Don’t Be Fooled2020-04-13T05:25:41+00:00

President Obama’s Coming Trip to Israel

David briefly described his “Peace for Peace” plan that begins with non-negotiable recognition that the land of Israel belongs to the state of Israel and includes the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. He also discussed what appears to be the narrowing window of opportunity for stopping Iran’s nuclear military aspirations and Israel’s relationship with Egypt and Syria.

President Obama’s Coming Trip to Israel2021-06-09T02:46:00+00:00


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